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English speaking Window Cleaner Erlangen

Hello and welcome to your local   Englsih speaking Window cleaner  ( Fensterputzer Erlangen ) If you  are looking for a window cleaner in the area around Nuremberg Erlangen Fürth and are having trouble speaking  the German language   we  offer a  Window cleaning service for private homes and also speak perfect English  . We woud gladly help you simply give us a ring for a free  and non obliging price  quote .


english speaking window cleaner erlangen englisch sprechen fensterputzer

Would you prefer an english speaking Window cleaner

Are you looking for an English speaking Window Cleaner in your town or city ?   then you have come to thr right place. Hello and welcome to Fensterputzer Erlangen which english means window  cleaner erlangen . I am A native English speaker and have been living Nürnberg for 30 years . My Window cleaning firm has many  clients in Erlangen , Herzogenaurach , Baiersdorf , Marloffstein , Uttenreuth , Neunkirchen am Brand . We  have an excellent reputation as reliable  , thorough and  hard working window cleaners  who are also freindly and respectful to their clients. IF you ahve any questions about prices or any other  questions about  window cleaning  for your home or any of the other services which we offer you can gladly call us on 0157-85262405  or send us an email on  info@fensterputzererlangen.de .

Free Price quotes

One of the main and most important questions any customer   will ask regardless of what language and what country they are in ”  how much does a professional window cleaning cost ? ” . Calculating a price for any service often envloves whats called a ” besichtigung ”  , this means   we will have to visit you and take a look at what you needs cleaning. This visit from us is 100 % free of charge and also non obliging if you live in and around Erlangen. The main reason why we cannot give a price quote over the phone is that some  ( not all ) customers under  estimate the  amount of work invloved through mis calculation of the  amount of windows, the style of the windows and also the degree of soiling   on the windows both inside and outside.  But in general most customers are honest correct and  great to work with. But we as preofessional window cleaners  would much prefer the live visit to look ourselves  to estimate what the price will be. This visit form us will take around 5 minutes and we will most probably come late in the afternoon and only when we have arragned a suitable day and time  which suits us both.


A reputation for excellent window cleaning at affordable prices

John the English speaking Window Cleaner in Erlangen  has a great reputation for many years for be a true professional  when it comes to window cleaning. WIndow cleaning takes energy  and also it is important to have respect  and be concientious about doing a good  job. We pride ourselves on   having all of these attributes whichare required to make a window cleaning firm the   best choice  for any pribvate customer. We never get complaints about teh standard of our work and  to the contrary we  get   a lot of praise and good references. Most customers are totally suprised at the skill and speed  in which we go about cleaning Windows. Not only is the standard  of cleaning important but also  extruding a friendly and respectful  body language to the customer , but thankfully we do this very naturally because it is  in our nature  to do just that naturally.

Protecting senstive furniture and flooring

Many homes have senstive flooring and  furniture, we always  ask the customer to  allo acccess  to all windows , this  not only  allows for quicker window cleaning  and makes the whole process  easier and more effective but also prevents any damage  occuring from the window cleaning but fundemenatlly it is about being able to clean the windowds with no  physsical restrictions. Igf it is not possible to remove any furniture , Objects or carpers we  have drop cloths or protective covers to protect these  surfaces  from  dripping water etc.

Cleaning lady from the street washes the window sill.

English Speaking Window cleaner Nürnberg

Are you looking for a Window cleaner in Nürnberg ? Fensterputzererlangen.de also have several other webpages and 1 of our main working areas is in Nürnberg and Fürth. Simply give us a ring today for a professional window cleaning price quote free of charge .

English Speaking Window cleaner Fürth

Fürth is not far away from Nuremberg or Erlangen . Again we offfer our professional window cleaning service also in and around Fürth. We treat all of our clinets the same and we love to hear off of you if you wish to have your windows cleaned to a high standard .